Automatic vs. Quartz and What to Expect from Your Watch

Sometimes, expecting too much leads to disappointments. This is true, but not when proper expectations are set. This understanding is reflected in a multitude of daily life scenarios and practical situations where you need to show that you are a rational thinker. A great example is when you buy an automatic wristwatch.

Knowing your watch better before actually buying it saves you from any regrets and makes you a more objective buyer than a subjective one. Furthermore, it prepares you enough to not distort your reality over your expectations.

So, here are two things you should expect from your watch: its durability and reliability. To start with, you first need to know more about quartz movement vs automatic.


Being able to perfectly differentiate what is automatic from quartz movement is an art that you should master in the watchmaking world. If you want to act like a pro, this is one of the basics that you should know.

  • Automatic Movement

    Automatic movement watches are also known as self-winding wristwatches. These timepieces work with the help of a rotor that moves because of the accumulated natural energy from the wearer’s wrist. Automatic watches use harmonic oscillators to ensure its time precision and exhibit a sweeping hands motion at a regular pace through the train wheels. Maintenance-wise, automatic wristwatches only need a once-in-a-lifetime mainspring replacement. Thus, they are ideally preferred by most as they tend to last for more years.

  • Quartz Movement

    Quartz watches are battery-operated. The battery is the main source of electrical energy in the electronic circuit inside the watch. The produced energy, together with the help of the quartz crystal, powers the stepping motor.

    The power generated from the electric field makes the watch’s second hand move at a rate of one tick per second, and at a controlled pace. These watches require a periodic battery change and can easily be distinguished by its step-like second hand’s motion.

That is pretty much about the movements. How about in terms of durability and reliability? Which one do you think can withstand the test of times? This is a tricky question. Thus, having a good understanding of these two concepts can help you become a better watch connoisseur.



With good quality comes great experience. It makes no sense to buy something that is not even worth a cent. Being a watch enthusiast requires you to be an expert, especially when durability is concerned.

Something is considered durable if it can last for a long time without any significant damage to its quality or value. However, you cannot evaluate a watch’s worth the first time you lay your eyes on it.

It will probably take months or years to prove the quality of automatic men's timepieces or women’s wristwatches, but it is for sure that in the battle of quartz vs automatic watch durability, the latter will reign victorious.

Here are some reasons why an automatic (self-winding) watch is a sturdy lead player in the watchmaking realm.

  • The Art of Fine Craftsmanship and Elaborate Engineering

    Quality automatic watches are products of great effort, dedication, accuracy and precision combined with a set of complex processes to achieve a standard that is far more advanced than the old days.

    Because of this, fine craftsmanship is one factor that set apart one watch brand from the others. Although we can say that everyone has the ability to master the art, the final output says it all. Quartz watches are still good but durability-wise, the automatic ones have got it all.

    Given all these complexities, automatic watches are able to maintain its durable image through the years.

  • The Quality Materials

    High-caliber materials are also one of the main reasons why automatic timepieces are considered better than quartz.

    In order to maintain the quality of a self-winding timepiece, a great importance is given by watch manufacturers to make sure that only materials that are proven and tested to withstand different manufacturing and shipping conditions are used. Good quality should not be compromised to have a lower cost. These two should maintain an equilibrium where both can have a secured spot.

  • The Advance Technology

    Today’s world cannot be a ‘modern’ one without the help of new technologies. If you trace back in watchmaking history, the technological evolution is massive. The complexities of mechanical timepieces are long known in history; made possible by the techniques and methodologies of a technologically-driven society.

    Technology is both boon and bane. It is a weapon used to either destroy or help one another. Yet, you should feel blessed that it has become a savior in the watch industry.

    Furthermore, no matter how accurate and precise a watch is, if no proper human intervention is observed, a watch will definitely not last a lifetime. Find out here how human activities can affect a watch’s reliability.


In a nutshell, reliability means staying functional despite numerous trials. As time passes by, you can witness all your timepiece’s struggles. From there, you can evaluate if such watch is still able to preserve its accuracy and precision over time.

As the owner, you know your watch better than others. Part of it is the activities you do involving your timepiece, and the precautionary measures you take to make sure it is in good shape.

Knowing quartz vs automatic reliability is essential because it does not only make your watch a worthy adornment. Other than the worthiness, reliability is one measure to know if it can serve your kids well in the future, to leave as an heirloom. With this, a proper expectation is therefore met.

If you are a woman who believes in the power of memories, you should buy now women's automatic watches that can meet your preferences; a watch that has great quality and a reliability that can last long for years.

It is neither wrong to dream nor to expect more than what you have in mind. Sometimes, the reality can exceed your expectations, and that makes you realize that if you just anticipate things properly, everything will just fall into place.

With a watch being considered as a traditional keepsake, it is normal to expect that it is a durable and a reliable one. Otherwise, there is no use to consider it as an iconic memento.