Why Does Grayton Use Japanese Seiko Automatic Movements?

In watchmaking, having the best movement is essential. Why? It is because a movement is the watch’s engine and it defines its durability and stability in the long run.

Excellent craftsmanship plays a great factor in every watch brand and Grayton is no exception. Yet, do you know what is the best part? Grayton Automatic Watches utilize two of the known Japanese Seiko movements – the Seiko NH35 and NH38.


Many watch enthusiasts keep on asking what does Japan automatic movement really mean? So, here’s an answer.

A Japanese automatic movement such as a Seiko NH35 is Japan’s counterpart for a Swiss movement. The mechanism is quite comparable to Swiss quality in terms of accuracy and precision. Furthermore, a Japanese automatic movement is available at a good price point without compromising its functions and performance.

Take note that Seiko is not the only Japanese brand that manufactures automatic movements (since Seiko has a number of movement models). Another one is Miyota by Citizen. Both brands are known for their reliability and should be a good choice if you are looking for an affordable and qualitative movement.

Figure 1 - Close-up look of Japan-made Seiko NH35A Movement


Let’s define what is Seiko Japan movement watches and know the reason why we use their movements.

Talking about what is Seiko Japan movement watches, these are the timepieces that use any of Seiko’s known automatic movements (in Grayton’s case, the NH35A and NH38).

Here are some of the specifications:

Manufacturer Seiko
Caliber Numbers NH35 and NH38 (or NH35A and NH38A)
Movement Type Automatic
Jewels 24
Power Reserve More than 41 hours
Accuracy 20 ~ +40 seconds per day (23º± 2ºC)

Source: NH35 and NH38 Spec Sheets from the Time Module [https://www.timemodule.com/en/ourProduct/2&Basic-Mechanical-Movement-(NH)]

For years, Seiko Japanese automatic movements NH35 and NH38 are respected standards in the watch industry. We always live up to our brand values and using a fine mechanism is our way to uphold Grayton as the luxury watches for all. We choose these movements as well because of their durability and consistency.


Figure 2 - The Parts of Seiko NH35A Movement

Grayton has four collections that use either NH35 or NH38 – Classic, Radiance, Minimalist, and the Limited Edition.

The Classic Collection is an assortment of watches with Seiko Japan NH35 and an open heart timepiece using NH38 while the Radiance Watches use Seiko Japan NH35 only.

On the other hand, the minimalist collection features our minimalist automatic watches using NH38 movement while the Limited Edition Ceet Art Watch uses the Japan-made NH35.

To sum it up, Grayton watches are powered by Seiko NH35 or NH38 for the following:

  • Comparable accuracy and precision with the Swiss movement
  • Great price point
  • Durability and consistency of the movement

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