Grayton Elegant Sport's Complexity Resonates with Social Fort Collins

In the Old Town Square of Fort Collins, a city known for its award-winning beer and craft breweries, an underground bar awaits those who seek quality food and spirits. Social serves a variety of sommelier-selected wines, charcuterie, small plates, and well-crafted cocktails in a modern-focused bar with a soft modern décor. The bar offers a speakeasy atmosphere where people can relax and socialize while enjoying innovative drinks and food.


Social opened in September 2013 to bring innovative drinks to Fort Collins. They have since bagged numerous recognitions and awards, including #1 bar in Colorado in 2018 and #4 in Yelp's list of 75 Best Bars in 2019. Social also ranked #31 in The Daily Meal's list of Top 150 Bars in the Country in 2019.

According to Social's founder, the best part about running a bar is the hospitality aspect of it. Their goal is to make people's day. Although they can serve alcohol to lift their guests' moods, the bar's primary focus is to care for their guests and provide genuine hospitality at the end of the day. Many of these guests become loyal patrons, friends, and family to Social.


Social's main focus revolves around hospitality, innovative drinks, and a wide array of spirits. Over the past nine years, the bar continued improving its drinks and services to connect with its guests and make a memorable night for them. And now, they have over 325 cocktails with unique flavors.

Their most popular drink so far is a Social original – the Lavender Sour composed of Ginger Cognac, House-Crafted Lavender-Infused Sour, and Vodka. Another popular Social original among whiskey lovers is the Old Stogie, which has been on their menu since day one. The drink is made by mixing Citrus Bitters, Brown Sugar, and Rye Whiskey. It's then served in a smoked Peach-Earl Grey Tea glass.


Social prefers modern, robust, and timeless watches designed for all occasions like the Grayton Elegant Sport. The bar compares the watch to "La Libertad," a past social creation composed of 100% Agave Silver Tequila, Agave Syrup, Fresh-Squeezed Lime Juice, Sea Salt, Habanero Tincture, and Muddled Cilantro served as a Julep. Like the watch's urban intrigue and elegant design, the drink's precise and complex construction belies its sophisticated character.


Social Fort Collins is all about sharing unique cocktail creations with their community. Thus, finding new ingredients and spirits inspires them to create drinks that are approachable and ideal for daily enjoyment. They love highlighting the features of these ingredients to make their guests happy. Social aims to continue inspiring guests to leave their comfort zones to try new and unique flavors while keeping creativity and hospitality at the core of their overall goals.