Native 42mm

3 Hands Automatic

The Native 42mm is our first collection - designed to be simple, elegant and approchable. You'll be able to navigate all situations; from a meeting to a speak-easy with confidence

Cusion 24h

3 Hands Auto w/ 24h sub-dial

A revamped vision of a minimalist watch - A complex sunray-streaked dial is matched with minimalist indexes & bezel in a delicate balance. Inspired by urban complexity.

Native California

3 Hands Automatic

A subtle twist on our first collection, the Native California is for the more creative - with its Roman-Arabic numeral combo and sun-ray dial you'll be unique at all events


Our Story

At Grayton, we’re not a watch brand. We are urbanites; local to cities, exploring and searching for new experiences within them. Inspired by the complexity and singularity of such areas, we’ve become explorers and adventurers.

The city is our inspiration and we want to share the excitement gives us through our watches.

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Capturing your daily moments is an important part of the Grayton experience. It is the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of our brand. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near the sea, in your favorite coffee shop or a cozy moment at home in front of the fire…

Let your imagination run wild…


Grayton is a brand that has always been focused on integrating mechanical movements and bringing them to the forefront of watch style. Today, the brand is its newest and freshest iteration yet. This comes as the team has evolved; injecting their experiences and ideas within the brand identity. We’ve wanted to rebrand Grayton in order to reflect the evolution of the market. We needed to evolve into a more dynamic and urban branding as we saw an opportunity for people that want to buy automatic watches.

It was a progressive realization and we developed this new vision as we started to change some elements of the brand. Today all aspects of the brand have been rethought and transformed to fit with the new Grayton identity.

Our automatic watches and their designs draw inspiration from cities around the world. Keeping our core product identity around the mechanical movement was something that we felt would reflect the restless activity you see in urban centers. Indeed, our watches follow your movement, and will only recharge through your physical movement.

We’ve also rethought our core values based on this new foundation we laid for the brand. These are: a unique design inspiration, affordable automatics and high quality.

Grayton’s conception has always been rooted in providing affordable mechanical watches with the best quality possible. Indeed, we benchmark our standards to the best automatic watches you can find in the market today. We’ve also developed a 2-year warranty program just in case something doesn’t go to plan. All of these efforts have been made for you; the customer buying our watches online. We want to establish a relationship of trust and build a brand that has a reputation for not compromising on quality.

Our brand not only stands for high quality and affordability but also for its uniqueness. We’ve been actively studying the ongoing trends in the online watch market and took what we found was most interesting to mix it in with our core inspirations. This has led us to develop designs that sport both retro and modern traits creating a unique and appealing look like no other. We’ve also spent time reworking our previous successful designs so they can follow the brand through its rebranding. Our classic collection has received a fresh new case while keeping its unique retro style. Our Minimalist has also received a refreshed dial and case finishing that gives it a retro-futuristic style like no other.

Aiming to have the best automatic watches online is hard but we’ve given it our best shot. Welcome to the new Grayton Automatics.