How often should automatic watches be serviced?

We all know that an automatic watch is an engineered timepiece. Its mechanism is essential because it makes the watch function at its most optimal state. However, just like machines, watches tend to be worn out. It is normal, and you have the option to repair it or buy a new one, but with a proper watch service interval, it can be avoided.

So, how often is the ideal watch service interval? The answer to this is very subjective, but before discussing it any further, let us talk about watch maintenance and its importance.



Automatic watch maintenance is necessary to extend the life of its movement, ensuring that it can keep working year after year.

Since an automatic watch is not battery-operated, we expect that its rotor will eventually stop, or perhaps not function well as it did when it was still new. Moreover, we hope that a high-quality movement will last long. This is the reason why most automatic watches are kept as heirlooms.

Hence, the key to making it last longer is a proper watch service interval or routine maintenance. The watch expert checks the timepiece and does necessary cleaning or adjustments to the rotor.


Ideally, it should be every five years or when the watch is not functioning well anymore. But what does it mean to service a watch completely? For mechanical movements, they have varied components that get worn out due to constant stress and friction. These parts of the rotor should be lubricated with oil to work again.

Hence, while it is true that automatic watches have the best mechanisms, the components of the movement itself tend to wear and tear. The best thing to do as a watch owner is to check the watch constantly for any errors in terms of time accuracy.


In the end, just like other things that need maintenance, the principle of getting your watch serviced is an agreeable opinion. After all, it does not hurt to service a timepiece.

Having your watch checked regularly makes you feel at ease that you’ll never damage a timepiece. The process lets the watchmaker change oils, replace or repair worn parts, and make sure that everything is working the way it should be.

All Grayton timepieces utilize the Japanese Seiko NH35 movement, which is proven for its reliability in the market. It is the reason why a Grayton watch can be considered a traditional heirloom – its movement make it last for years without any problems. However, it is still best practice to get it checked accordingly by an expert watchmaker.