Joan Cruz Barber Reveals the Perfect Watch for Its ‘Gentleman Experience’

With over 13 years' strong track record in barbering, Joan Cruz Barber is one of the go-to destinations for customers who want to have the ultimate gentleman experience. Based in the sunny and beautiful city of Miami in Florida, it provides all the services of a traditional barbershop while also catering to modern and trending styles. Through offering the best of both worlds, its mission is to give every gentleman the perfect look that vibes with his individuality.

Taking us down memory lane, Joan recounts that he started working as a barber at 15 years old. Through the years, he enjoyed developing his skills and learning new techniques to provide not just a haircut but an awesome experience. This paved the way for him to start his own business.

He notes that the best part of running the barbershop is that he does what he loves. Not to mention, he is able to cultivate an environment where he can connect with his clients in a way that he feels is important.

Interestingly, the shop was established in 2020. Since it was during the pandemic, he didn't know whether the venture would be successful or not. However, he is proof that hard work and passion truly pay off. Joan has seen the business grow since day one, and it got through the hard times.

Among the secrets to the barbershop's success is its careful attention to the entire experience. Joan, along with his team of skilled barbers, encourage their clients to enjoy a complimentary drink, change the music to their liking, and take the time to explain to them the hairstyle they want. It's all about the small details, and these are the ones that make the biggest difference.

On a side note, Miami is one of the most popular and iconic urban destinations in the world, making it a melting pot of different cultures with various hairstyle choices. Joan Cruz Barber believes that it's virtually impossible to single out a must-try urban hairstyle. It believes that haircuts are not universal and need to match a person's signature style and personality.

Overall, Joan describes his barbershop as a place where customers can have an intimate experience and witness great skill combined with attention to detail. Thus, he considers an automatic analog watch combining classic design and modern details as the best one that suits his business. Picking Grayton Elegant Sport as his personal favorite, he likens it to a hairstyle that fuses a low fade and classic scissors cut on the top.

Looking to the future, Joan Cruz Barber aspires to give more customers the ‘ultimate gentleman experience’ through their dedication. As part of this vision, the barbershop desires to make Grayton watches their everyday companion in delivering a superb, accurate, and timely service.