Vinny’s Barbershop: Urban Hairstyles Meet Urban Timepieces

With over a decade of experience in the barbering industry, Vinny's Barbershop is the go-to destination for gents looking to upgrade their overall style and appearance. Boasting a traditional yet modern barbershop vibe, it is the perfect place where clients and their families can feel welcome and comfortable. With a team of skilled barbers, Vinny's offers youngsters, grown-ups, and oldies the best grooming experience. It specializes in various haircuts, including tops, high tops, mullets, fades, and shear cuts, to name a few.

Vinny's is devoted to serving the community by offering a system of service that sets it apart from others. It doesn't just give a haircut but an experience. The barbershop's journey started when Vinny de Leon, the owner, was sitting in a barbershop in Freeport, TX. At 16 years old, he was inspired seeing how a barber transformed a gentleman's look. When he turned 19, he began cutting his own hair, and the rest was history.

The pompadour and the comb-over are among the must-try urban hairstyles recommended by Vinny's, as they are classic yet trendy. When it comes to the best watch that suits the barbershop, Vinny's choice is a kinetic timepiece featuring a modern feel and reliability that works for a night out and everyday use. Grayton embodies these characteristics, which is why the barbershop compares the brand's Quinary Collection to a pompadour hairstyle. It has a classic vibe featuring a smooth transition to modern, with the fade on the sides.