How to set a Grayton watch?

Getting a new watch is a goal. Your first timepiece makes you feel happy and satisfied but leaves you with many questions in mind too. The main ones could be what the timepiece’s main parts are? Or how to set a watch properly? These two questions are usually covered in the basics, and you need to know these points to make your watch last longer.


So, the first step to set your watch properly is to familiarize it. It is essential to know the watch’s parts and their functions since it helps you use your timepiece efficiently.

The necessary parts of an automatic watch include the dial, crown, strap, case back, and the rotor.

  • Dial – the face of the watch. It is where you can see the numbers, indices, and hands, covered with a piece of glass.
  • Crown – the tiny knob used to adjust time and date settings.
  • Strap – the band that lets you wear the watch on your wrist. It comes in many types, but the common ones are leather straps and metal bracelets.
  • Case back – the back portion of the watch’s dial. It can be transparent or completely closed.
  • Rotor – the part of an automatic watch that is visible only with a transparent case back. It is the watch’s life and the moving part that collects energy from the wearer’s movements.


Next is the setting up of time and date. In setting up your watch, careful considerations are needed to avoid damaging your timepiece. In automatic watches, the date and time are usually set using the crown.

For Grayton watches, for example, the crown has three positions with different functions: manual winding (position 0), date adjustment (position 1), and time adjustment (position 2).

However, different watch brands also have their own instructions on how to set a watch properly. So, it will be better if you review those instructions before proceeding with the changes.

Going back, here are the common crown positions for Grayton watches and their functions:

Manual Winding

In watches, the winding is the process of recharging its rotor to sustain the watch’s energy. This process can be done naturally or through manual winding by rotating its crown. It is also essential not to overwind your timepiece to avoid damages to the rotor.

Technically, your wrist movement (such as swinging your wrist) is considered a natural way to keep your watch running but winding it by turning the crown for 30 to 40 times in a clockwise direction is also recommended. Figure 1.0 shows the process of how to do it.

Figure 1.0

Date Adjustment

When adjusting your watch’s date, it is necessary to take note of the proper crown positioning. For Grayton watches, it is usually done by pulling out the crown, and then rotate it in a counterclockwise direction until the exact date is shown on the dial. Take a look at Figure 2.0.

Figure 2.0

Time Adjustment

Lastly, you need to learn the time adjustment process. This is a bit alike with adjusting your date setting, but this time, you must pull the crown to position 2 and then rotate it in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction until your desired time is achieved.

Figure 3.0

So, this is how you must set your Grayton watch. Always remember the correct positions and execute them properly to avoid damage to the watch’s rotor. For the other brands, do not forget to check your watch’s instructions manual for further tips.