Men's Ultimate Dress Watch Guide

When it comes to men’s style, there is no better accessory to have than a dress watch. Men’s fashion preferences these days are still in the hype, highlighting the importance of an exceptional daily wristwatch.



There are different kinds of watches according to their functions, but dress watches are different since they are designed to complement formal attires. Although this kind of watch is originally meant for a suit, men can still enjoy wearing it on semi-formal and/or casual business attires provided that it will still enhance the fashion statement.


Men’s dress watches have this sole function of enhancing style by complementing your accessory (watch) and outfit. In other words, there is no need to look for something fancy; it just needs to be simple.

Aside from simplicity, it is also worthy if you take into consideration the proportion of the watch to the wearer’s wrist – neither too small nor too big. Otherwise, it will look odd and off. It should also have a sleek design with colors that match with the getup.

You can also explore its dial, the overall watch style, and of course, its strap.

Grayton timepieces from Classic, Radiance, and Minimalist collections flaunt the characteristics of best dress watches. They have three-hand dials, cases with thin lugs and polished, brushed or combined finishing. The watches either have crocodile embossed pattern or calf leather straps with plain or stitched designs.


If you are looking for the best and affordable formal watches for men, then you may want to consider Grayton’s collection of men’s watches.

All Grayton timepieces are automatic watches that perfectly highlight the aesthetics and grandeur of men’s watches. Grayton features the best formal watches for men with its stylish designs and diverse range of bold and powerful timepieces.

Here are some of the most preferred Grayton men’s dress watches you can choose from:

1. Men's Automatic Watch Blue Color Gradient Dial & Black Flat-Cut-Edge Leather Strap with White Stitching

From the Radiance Collection, this 44 mm blue gradient dial automatic watch evokes a seemingly noble-colored dial paired with a silver bracelet.

It is a stylish wristwatch that you can pair with your formal suit on any occasions, increasing your confidence in showing off your fashion statement always.

2. Men's Automatic Watch Diplomat Dark Blue with Stainless Steel

This great selection from the Diplomat Collection will surely keep you excited all day, wearing your favorite formal or casual attires wherever you go.

It has a 44 mm dial with a genuine leather strap and is powered by the best Swiss Automatic Sellita SW200-1 movement.

3. Minimalist Blue Dial Automatic Watch Open Heart & Brown Leather Strap

Do you prefer flaunting a minimalistic yet elegant-looking timepiece? If yes, then this watch from Grayton’s Minimalist Collection is the best dress watch choice for you.

This watch features a sleek design with a 40 mm dial and elegant genuine leather strap. Its mechanism is sustained by a Japanese Automatic Seiko NH38 movement and has a distinctive diamond-cut open heart.

In a nutshell, every man needs a great watch to complete his style. There is always a time that you need to dress up at some point, and that would not be complete if you do not have a versatile dress timepiece.

So, when that time comes, always put on the best formal watch you have and create your style.