Women's Dress Watch Style Guide

When it comes to fashion and style, women are always dashing. Dressing up is pretty much a great way for women to showcase their fashion statements and having an accessory such as a watch completes it.

For women, wearing a watch is a sign of self-expression and appreciation to the craft of watchmaking. The contemporary designs give the modern timepieces these days aesthetics that suits ladies’ preferences.



Nowadays, women’s designer watches are noteworthy and remain stylish, just like most of men’s dress watches. The distinct feature of most women’s dress watches is its simplicity plus the impact in complementing everyday ladies’ outfits.

Some of the things to consider in choosing the best women’s watches include the style of the timepiece, the size of the wrist, the materials used and its movement, the strap or bracelet, and the dial’s color.

Women’s watches should have sleek designs, and as the wearer, you must choose only the size that fits you. Moreover, checking the materials used and the mechanism is also essential since some may prefer quartz or an automatic one.

The choice of the strap is usually a subjective decision from the owner as it’s more related to preference toward leather straps or stainless steel bracelets.

Lastly, colors are dominant and play significant roles in complementing the watch to the attires, so you might don’t want to miss that one out.


1. Women's Automatic Watch: Blue Dial & Brown Crocodile-Embossed Leather Strap

From the Classic Collection, flaunt the dauntless charm of this 36 mm Grayton blue dial watch.

Wearing this watch accentuates your fashion and evokes the innate confidence in you.

With a brown Croco-embossed leather strap, it is the perfect everyday wristwatch to show off your all-day style anytime.

2. Women's Automatic Watch Blue Color Gradient Dial & Black Flat-Cut Edge Leather Strap With White Stitching

Want to have that simple yet elegant look? Discover the radiance of this Grayton 36 mm women’s blue color gradient dial watch with flat-cut edge leather strap.

It is the ideal go-to watch for ladies who always value sophistication and style. Powered by the mechanism of Japanese Seiko NH35, this timepiece will surely exceed your expectation.

3. Minimalist Blue Dial Automatic Watch Open Heart & Brown Leather Strap

Now, if you want to stay chic the minimalist way, do not worry! This Grayton 40 mm minimalist blue dial watch is an astonishing timepiece that will amaze anyone. Its simple aesthetic adds beauty to its sleek design making it your ultimate everyday dress watch.

Moreover, it has the best Japanese Seiko NH38 mechanism so you are assured that you can keep going all day long.

Hence, perfecting your everyday style is always possible when you have the ideal timepiece. Choose the best Grayton women’s dress watch that will surely complete your style.

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